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Construction & Renovation

Client Relationships for the Custom Home Builder in 2014

In the past year or so, demand outpaced supply in the Northern Virginia real estate market. Many home builders and tradesmen went out of business in 2008-2009, creating a shortage of home builders. For home buyers, a custom home offers the prospect of owning a made-to-order dream home. For the builder, the custom home business […]

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Property Inspections

Navigating the Walk Through Part II – Inspection Contingencies in Real Estate Contracts

Check Your Contract for Your Inspection Rights & Duties: Many real estate contracts impose a right or duty to inspect and approve the development of a property before going to closing. Many contracts for custom homes or commercial developments contemplate that the parties will walk through the property prior to consummating the purchase. If you […]

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Property Inspections

Navigating the Walk Through – Part I

From the moment the first person piled up rocks or rough-hewn timber to distinguish his farmland from the neighbors’, real estate has been visually-oriented. In the business of real estate, the walk-through of the premises provides you with an eyes-wide-open basis for due diligence and negotiation in sales, leases and dispute resolution. In the age […]

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This Blog


On this quiet afternoon, disturbed periodically by the crash of snow & ice sliding off the trees, I registered my new blog! I am an attorney in Fairfax, Virginia with a focus on real estate court actions. I will post here about bringing and defending claims related to Real Estate in the courts. My posts […]

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