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The Surface Water Diversion Blame Game

According to the Bible, water is both the fountain of life and a destroyer by flood. Water naturally plots its own course, creating wetlands to store excess storm water. Human development, for better or worse, seeks to maximize the value of property and minimize land set aside for natural wetlands or artificial drainage purposes. The […]

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Construction & Renovation Litigation

Construction Defect Warranty Claims

Construction defect warranty claims are a frequent source of conflict between contractors and new home buyers. Builders feel pressure to get the purchasers through closing so they can pay their employees, subcontractors and suppliers. For the past few years there has been a severe shortage of experienced tradespeople and supervisors. This makes the contractor’s quality […]

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Construction & Renovation Fraud & Misrepresentation Litigation

Virginia Consumer Protection Claims Against Contractors

There is a lot of litigation and arbitration in the construction contracting industry. Most of these cases are disputes over whether the contractor did the work and if so, whether it has been appropriately compensated under the terms of the agreement. Some construction disputes include allegations of deceptive practices. Virginia law approaches unprofessional practices in […]

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Walking on Sunshine

Americans are increasingly frustrated by federal, state, local and HOA officials making decisions in secret. On the floor of the nominating convention, supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders protested Hillary Clinton’s undisclosed collusion with the Democratic Party leadership during the presidential primary. On the Republican side, Donald Trump continues to refuse to disclose his tax returns. […]

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Construction & Renovation Foreclosures Litigation

Dealing with Memorandum for Mechanics Lien

A disgruntled contractor or supplier may attempt to collect a payment from owners by filing a Memorandum for Mechanics Lien against the real estate. Under Virginia law, claimants (contractors or material suppliers) can interfere with owners’ ability to sell or refinance property by filing a lien in land records without first filing a lawsuit and obtaining […]

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