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Breach of Agreement to Purchase Insurance

Many construction contracts contain provisions requiring one or more parties to purchase insurance to cover certain activities or property related to the project. These provisions put an affirmative duty on a party to go out and obtain insurance to protect themselves, the other party in the contract or for against third party claims. Given the […]

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Community Associations Landlord-Tenant

Escaping an Unlivable Rental Property

Americans continue to feel the effects of the recession that began in 2008. In April 2016, the Wall Street Journal reported that U.S. home ownership rates dropped to 63.5%, near the 48 year low of 63.4% experienced in 2015. Meanwhile more families are renting homes. Washington, D.C.’s local economy is more resistant to recession because […]

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San Bernardino Landlord Holds Controversial Open House

Was the California landlord to the terrorist couple entitled to open up the rental property to the news media? Internet videos show a frenzied swarm of camera crews exploring every cabinet and closet. So what if the San Bernardino landlord holds controversial open house?  Commentators raised questions about preservation of evidence in the criminal investigation. There […]

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Landlord-Tenant Soft Skills

The California Nanny and Mediating Legal Disputes Through the Media

Marcella and Ralph Bracamonte brought Diane Stretton into their Upland, California home to provide childcare services in exchange for room and board. Ms. Stretton and the Bracamontes got into a dispute over their arrangement. Ms. Stretton stopped working and refuses to move out. Why is this story national news? The answer illustrates some pitfalls of […]

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Land Use & Zoning Landlord-Tenant

To B&B or Not to B&B: The Legal Question of Short Term Rentals

A reader of Words of Conveyance recently suggested I write about use of internet sites such as Airbnb, HomeAway, CraigsList and VRBO that help homeowners make short term rentals. Some cities with affordable housing shortages want to regulate or shut down short term rentals as “illegal hotels.” This week, Urban Turf reports that the New […]

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