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Can a Buyer Sue a Sellers Real Estate Agent?

This past month, I experienced wonderful changes in my life which drew me temporarily away from my passion for blogging about property rights. On May 1st, I started my own solo law practice, Cowherd PLC. The new law firm continues my professional focus on the types of legal matters discussed in “Words of Conveyance.” On […]

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Construction & Renovation Fraud & Misrepresentation Property Inspections

Resolutions for Homeowners Dealing with Construction Defects

A good home  provides a safe, comfortable and enjoyable place to live. When a contractor makes mistakes in construction, renovation or repair, the owner or tenant has to live with those defects every day until the problem is resolved. The coming New Year is a good time for homeowners to prioritize addressing contractor defects. In […]

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Accepting a New Contract During an Earnest Money Deposit Dispute

On July 31, 2014, I posted about a recent Fairfax Circuit Court opinion concerning Earnest Money Deposits (“EMD’s”). The seller, Sagatov Builders, LLC, sued buyer Christian Hunt. Mr. Hunt had entered into a contract and later failed to make the EMD or complete closing. The Court refused to allow the seller to sue the buyer […]

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Landlord-Tenant Property Inspections

Landlord Strategies for Avoiding Security Deposit Disputes

The departure of a tenant leaves the landlord with long to-do list, including listing the property for rent, evaluating applicants, repairing or remodeling the property and preparing a new lease agreement.  Wrapping-up the relationship with the previous tenant can inadvertently fall to the bottom of the list of priorities. A lawsuit over the prior tenant’s […]

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Property Inspections

Navigating the Walk Through Part II – Inspection Contingencies in Real Estate Contracts

Check Your Contract for Your Inspection Rights & Duties: Many real estate contracts impose a right or duty to inspect and approve the development of a property before going to closing. Many contracts for custom homes or commercial developments contemplate that the parties will walk through the property prior to consummating the purchase. If you […]

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