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Construction & Renovation Real Estate Agents

Earnest Money Deposit as Liquidated Damages

Your typical disputes over an earnest money deposit as liquidated damages in residential real estate sales go something like this: Home buyers decide to submit a contract and an earnest money deposit as an offer to purchase the property. Before closing, the buyer cannot find financing or discovers a defect with the home. If the […]

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Landlord-Tenant Real Estate Agents

Unlicensed Real Estate Agent Costs Brokerage $6.6 Million Commission

What tasks can real estate brokerages assign to employees lacking a real estate license? What risks does a brokerage run from allowing unlicensed agents to manage relationships with clients and other parties to the transaction? On April 4, 2014, Judge Anthony Trenga decided that a prominent commercial broker forfeited a $6.6 million dollar commission because […]

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