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Navigating the Walk Through Part II – Inspection Contingencies in Real Estate Contracts

Check Your Contract for Your Inspection Rights & Duties:

Many real estate contracts impose a right or duty to inspect and approve the development of a property before going to closing. Many contracts for custom homes or commercial developments contemplate that the parties will walk through the property prior to consummating the purchase. If you have a right under a contract, failure to exercise that right may potentially waive a future claim for a defect that reasonable exercise of the right of inspection would have discovered.

If the contract provision discusses preparation of a punch-list or inspection report based upon the inspection, both parties are well advised to take notes (on old-fashioned pads of paper or discretely using the camera in your phone or tablet) for later use in negotiating the inspection report.

If the transaction involves loans, the bank will require an independent appraisal. A shrewd investor takes heed of a professional appraisal, but does not allow it to substitute for her own review. Appraisals usually focus on a comparative analysis of the property with other properties with similar general characteristics, and do not look at the property from the perspective of having to live or work in it on a long term basis.

 Home Inspection Industry in Virginia:

Many real estate purchasers use hired professional inspectors to help spot issues during walk-throughs. Most contracts for purchase of a home advise buyers of the opportunity to seek out the counsel of various types of professionals that may aid the inspection process.

Note that in Virginia, a home inspector does not have to be board-certified to do business as one. Currently, the Commonwealth of Virginia provides home inspectors with the opportunity to certify themselves. Home inspectors not certified by the state are forbidden from holding themselves out as certified if they are not, but they may continue to lawfully market their services as a home inspector.

In the purchase of a residential property, a Virginia certified home inspector or an inspector who is a licensed Virginia contractor, is likely to possess the basic qualifications. Various professional organizations, such as the American Society of Home Inspectors, provide members with credentialing opportunities as well. Bear in mind that these professionals can only advise you of what you see and prepare a report. What actions to take based on this information is subject to negotiation between the buyer and seller.

 Repair Addenda:

The home inspection process may result in a list of items that the seller agrees to fix by a certain date. When the seller informs the buyer that the repairs are complete, this shifts responsibility somewhat back to the buyer to confirm that the changes are acceptable. In the event of a dispute, the Court will likely ascribe weight to those contracts and lists signed off on by the parties.

Reality TV Home Buying vs. Preparing for a Real Future:


Today’s investors and professionals have greater access to information about real estate than ever before. Whether you are going to use the property for business, personal or public purposes, you don’t need years of specialized experience to know what to look for in a walk through – only you know what questions you need answered.

Your own goals will provide you with a starting point for preparing a walk-through checklist.  The issues to focus on in the walk-through are different for each situation, but the important thing is to have a plan of what to look for based on the matters at issue. Furthermore, a walk-through will provide you with certainty and a firm basis for negotiating the outcomes desirable to your business. Your family will live with the visceral effect of entering the property every day. Make the most of your walk-through before you buy, sell or lease your investment.

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