Property Insurance

Cold Temperatures in a Slow Economy: Insurance Claims from Frozen Pipes in Unoccupied Buildings

NBC News reported Wednesday that home insurance claims for damage resulting from frozen pipes are so high that insurers are hiring temporary adjusters to handle increased claims: “We anticipate a large spike in frozen pipe claims,” said Peter Foley, the [American Insurance Association’s] vice president for claims. “In Washington, D.C., some of my colleagues have […]

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Real Estate in Divorce

Divorce, Family Homes and Elliot in the Morning

On my Friday morning commute, I heard a guest on the radio show, Elliot in the Morning talking about his parents’ divorce, marriages and the legal fate of a family home. I rarely partake of EITM, but this time I stopped to listen (relevant portions of recording between minute marks 8:20-16:30 on YouTube). Tommy Johnagin on Elliot […]

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Litigation This Blog

Title Litigation: Centenarian Deed Decides Methane Royalty Rights

On January 10, 2014, the Supreme Court of Virginia decided CNX Gas Company, LLC v. Rasnake, interpreting disputed language in a 95-year-old deed. The Court determined who owned the mineral rights in a parcel of land in Russell County in Southwest Virginia. The contested deed contained both (a) words conveying a parcel and (b) limiting language that […]

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Soft Skills

Help, I’m Trapped in the Virtual Lobby! Manager and Investor Conferencing

The professional relationships between the owners and managers of a company will always be essential to business success, especially in the real estate industry. However, in the age of sophisticated communications technology, the face-to-face business meeting is used less and less for communication between business partners. The cost of teleconference and videoconference technology is cheaper […]

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Law & Film

Reel Property: Hitchcock’s Skin Game

A working-class family is wrongfully evicted from their rental homes and may lose their jobs. A neighboring landowner and his shrewd agent try to stop the sharp-dealing landlord from destroying property values with industrial air pollution. Can they successfully escalate conflict without unintended fallout? This is the subject of Alfred Hitchcock’s  early film, “The Skin Game” […]

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