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Construction & Renovation

Common Misconceptions about Home Builder Warranties

Home buyers want assurances that someone will correct defects in construction to make it conform to what they bargained for. In the sale of new homes, these assurances usually come in the form of the builder’s warranties. Homeowners must make serious decisions about whether to go under contract, go through with closing and allow a […]

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Fraud & Misrepresentation Property Inspections Real Estate Agents

Can a Buyer Sue a Sellers Real Estate Agent?

This past month, I experienced wonderful changes in my life which drew me temporarily away from my passion for blogging about property rights. On May 1st, I started my own solo law practice, Cowherd PLC. The new law firm continues my professional focus on the types of legal matters discussed in “Words of Conveyance.” On […]

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Property Inspections

Navigating the Walk Through – Part I

From the moment the first person piled up rocks or rough-hewn timber to distinguish his farmland from the neighbors’, real estate has been visually-oriented. In the business of real estate, the walk-through of the premises provides you with an eyes-wide-open basis for due diligence and negotiation in sales, leases and dispute resolution. In the age […]

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