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Little Love Lost in Sedimental Affair

A lawsuit for damage to property must be timely filed to prevail in court. In Virginia, the statute of limitations for property damage is five years from accrual of the claim. When an owner suffers damage caused by a neighboring owner, when does this five year time-period start running towards its expiration date? Does the […]

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The Surface Water Diversion Blame Game

According to the Bible, water is both the fountain of life and a destroyer by flood. Water naturally plots its own course, creating wetlands to store excess storm water. Human development, for better or worse, seeks to maximize the value of property and minimize land set aside for natural wetlands or artificial drainage purposes. The […]

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Can My Landlord Evict My Business Without Going to Court First? – Part II – Complications to Landlord Self-Help

In Virginia, landlords have a right to evict commercial tenants without going to Court first. This does not make it likely or wise. Even in jurisdictions where self-help is legal, it is unusual to see landlords piling up their tenants’ business property on the curb. There are several reasons why: 1. Lease Terms: Any self-help […]

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