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Community Associations

Freedom of Speech is a Hot Topic in Community Associations

Freedom of speech is a hot topic in community associations. Some of these First Amendment disputes concern the freedom of a property owner to display flags, signs or symbols on their property in the face of board opposition. Conflict between association leadership and members over free speech also spreads into cyberspace. One such case recently […]

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Construction & Renovation

Should Homeowners Bring Complaints Against Contractors Before Courts or Regulators?

Property owners frequently have complaints about construction contractors. Some of these complaints involve thousands of dollars in damage or serious infringement upon the use or value of property. These property owners (and their attorneys) want to know who to turn to. Should homeowners bring complaints against contractors before courts or regulators? This question raises issues […]

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Law & Film

Reel Property: “The Attorney” and the Appearance of Justice

(This post is the second and final part in my blog series about the 2013 South Korean film “The Attorney.” Part I can be found HERE) “The appearance of justice, I think, is more important than justice itself.” Tom C. Clark explained in an interview why he resigned as a Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. President […]

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Foreclosures Recordation Taxes

They Might Be Mortgage Giants: Fannie & Freddie’s Tax Breaks

On January 3, 2014, the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau published a request for input from the public about the home mortgage closing process. 79 F.R. 386, Docket CFPB-2013-0036. The CRPB requested information about consumers’ “pain points” associated with the real estate settlement process and possible remedies. The agency asked about what aspects of closings are […]

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