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On this quiet afternoon, disturbed periodically by the crash of snow & ice sliding off the trees, I registered my new blog!

I am an attorney in Fairfax, Virginia with a focus on real estate court actions. I will post here about bringing and defending claims related to Real Estate in the courts. My posts are my own.

On my banner is a photograph I took of beautiful Tangier Island in the Chesapeake Bay this summer. Looking forward to blue crab season again!

For 2014, my goal is to make two posts a week of interest to owners or lessees of interests in real property, or other professionals supporting them.

I’ve chosen “Conveyances” as the name. Resolving real estate disputes favorably requires an understanding of legal rules for transactions. More importantly, to convey is to communicate effectively, which my goal in blogging and trial practice.

John Colby Cowherd

P.S. – I’ve decided to change the main header photo to better illustrate the theme of the blog. I think this new one is Charlottesville, Virginia, which happens to be where I was born (in the hospital, not pictured). The first one (Tangier Island) is now the photo for this post.

John Colby Cowherd
John Colby Cowherd
Attorney protecting the rights of Virginia property owners. Cowherd PLC (703) 884-2894